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Mobile Marketing Strategy Workshops

Mobile Marketing Strategy Workshops - WSI

The growth of mobile and smart phone usage has been phenomional. Today, approximately 20% of all Internet Searches are via mobile devices, with  81% of UK adult smartphone users (polled in Q2 2011 by Google and the Mobile Marketing Association) said they run local searches on their devices, its never been more important to understand how a Mobile Marketing Strategy Workshop can help your business.

mobile marketing strategy workshops by WSI will help you understand how to take advantage of mobile device usage

Mobile Marketing Strategy Workshop

  • Gives you an introduction to Mobile Marketing and Mobile Websites
  • Helps you establish if Mobile Marketing is suitable for your business
  • Helps you understand how to measure Mobile Marketing (KPIs) e.g. Location based applications like Foursquare & Google Places
  • Looks at how it fits into your marketing mix, including use of Mobile Apps
  • Helps you choose the right opportunities, e.g. using tactics like M-Commerce & QR Codes

This workshop helps you work out if you actually need a Mobile Marketing Strategy at all, and if not you can stop losing sleep over it!  But if you do, and need to actively manage the risk of your competitors being better at it than you, or better still want to find out how to take advantage of the opportunity, then this is the workshop for you.

All attendees will be given copies of the day's presentation and a clear view of whether using mobile marketing is right for their business or not. If not, then you know you aren't likely to benefit from this marketing and you can focus on other Internet and Social Media Marketing Strategies. However, if the outcome is - "Yes I should be doing something!", you'll go away knowing where to start and if you need help, where you can get that help from.

To find out the answers to these questions and more it probably makes sense for you to attend the WSI Mobile Marketing Strategy Workshop!

Call us now on 01548 531899 to find out more...

We Simplify Mobile Marketing - So you can target Smartphone Users

It is forecast that soon more than 50% of all internet traffic will be conducted via Mobile devices and yet less than 5% of all websites are optimised to be viewed via mobile devices. But it’s not just about websites, searchers using mobile 3G devices are often looking for quite different functionality and may never even visit your website (for example simply using Google Places to find out what you do, where you are and what people think of you before hitting the “navigate to” or “call now” button!!)

The events are run from 9:00am to 1:00pm or from 1.00pm to 5.00pm and tea, coffee and biscuits are provided throughout the workshop (a light lunch provided at the end/beginning).

Mobile Marketing Strategy Workshops Testimonials

Being a iPhone and iPad user myself, I was conscious of how more and more people are using mobile devices to search the web on the go.

Whilst my website looks great, it does have 52 pages and on some pages you'd need to zoom to read the content. So, when WSI said they could produce a mobile friendly version for me, which just focused on the areas people would want/need to see, I was keen to proceed.

What I like about it is; it's easy to use, (one click to call, email or find us), easy to navigate around to find out 'who we are', 'what we do'

and 'why people might want to do business with us', and all our videos play directly from the mobile site and return to same page when done.

It's brilliant because it demonstrates just how innovative PRV is, not only in what we do but in our online marketing too.

The WSI process was smooth, with very little work or involvement from my side (other than one round of suggested changes) and I'm very pleased with the end result.

I would thoroughly recommend WSI for any business that might have a website that might look good on a PC, but does not render well on a mobile

device, as WSI does the business!! 

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Simon Jones MD at PRV Engineering

I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the recent Mobile Marketing Strategy workshop you ran.

Your presentation explaining the importance of mobile technology and the Internet was impressive.

Thanks for making complex technology easy to understand & implement - no doubt I will be doing what you recommended.

I look forward to coming to your next training session. Thanks

Nitesh Joshi - Managing Director 

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Find out more about Social Media Marketing and how it may help your business by attending one of our regular Social Media Strategy Workshops.

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Mobile Marketing Strategy Workshops

Find out more about Social Media Marketing and how it may help your business by attending one of our regular Mobile Marketing Strategy Workshops.

Call us on 01548 531899.